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World History is normally marked by wars, campaigns and the change of rulers. History is often shaped by the religious beliefs of the people. But there is more to history than war, the rulers, and the ever changing borders and religious beliefs. WikiHistory has no limit to number of pages, or to the depth in which history can be gathered into a single place.

Books about world history are often segregated largely into geography with little understanding about the simultaneous evolution of civilizations around the World. By geographically dividing history only by years I hope it will be easier to follow development around the World, and how histories often interacted, and when they didn't how man's history evolved separately.

This is a weaving of all histories. It will help understand our world's history better to know about the events of the day that are often left out of the history books because they are relegated to "other sciences" such as geology. Knowing and understanding the effects of climate change, volcanic eruptions, eclipses and astronomical events, along with changing religious beliefs is important to "fill in" the history that is often simply, so and so became ruler of that place after he murdered the current ruler and fought this and that war until he lost and was assassinated by the next ruler to be and so on. What did the people eat? What was their music like? This is after all a time when we can see and hear history. We are no longer relegated to the static word.

While the year by year organization is a little unique what this really needs is the participation of many historians of all types, medical historians, music historians, art historians, food historians, anthropologists, climatologists, archaeologists, geologists and any other science that can help us better understand our past and the things that drive our present.

What was the weather like? How long did the people live (unless you were a Roman emperor, which usually meant, not very long)?

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