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Jewish people arrive in India in King Solomon's merchant fleet. Later Jewish colonies find India a tolerant home.

Gradual breakdown of Sanskrit as a spoken language occurs over the next 200 years.

§Middle East


Northern Egypt starts to be ruled by Libyan pharaohs. The Libyans build cities and for the first time a sturdy urban life grows up in the Nile Delta.


Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem.



Hekla, a stratovolcano in the south of Iceland, erupted about this time.


The Jahwist, also referred to as the Jehovist, Yahwist, or simply as J, is one of the four major sources of the Torah postulated by the Documentary Hypothesis (DH). It is the oldest source, whose narratives make up half of Genesis and the first half of Exodus, plus fragments of Numbers. J describes a human-like God, called Yahweh (or rather YHWH) throughout, and has a special interest in the territory of the Kingdom of Judah and individuals connected with its history. J is believed to have been composed in c 950 BC


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