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§Middle East


The son of Shoshenq I and his chief consort, Karomat A, Sekhemkheperre Osorkon I was the second king of Egypt's 22nd Dynasty and ruled around 922 BCE-887 BCE. He succeeded his father Shoshenq I who probably died within 2-3 years of his successful 925 BCE campaign against the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Osorkon I's reign is known for many temple building projects and was a long and prosperous period of Egypt's History.


Phorbas, Archon of Athens, dies after a reign of 30 years and is succeeded by his son Megacles.


It is believed that in either 922 BCE or 920 BCE, the Kingdom of Israel was divided. Judah, the southern Kingdom, had Jerusalem as its capital and was led by Rehoboam. If Osorkon I of Egypt led successful campaigns against Israel and Judah in 925 BCE, then this date must move back a few years.

Alternate Dating:

Kings of Israel

Jeroboam I to 909 BCE

Rehoboam to 913 BCE


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