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§Of World Interest

The estimated population of the World ranges between 226 and 240 million people. This is one date given for the time of the collapse of the Mayan civilization. The reason for the collapse is unclear but drought may have been the cause.


Merchants from southwest Asia and India settle on the east-African coast, trading gold, beads and metal for ivory and slaves.


Gyeonhwon formally establishes the kingdom of Hubaekje in southwestern Korea.

§Central America

§Modern Belize

Civilization at Altun Ha peaks. Altun Ha was occupied by 200 BCE. The bulk of construction was from the Maya Classic era, c. 200 to 900 AD, when the site may have had a population of about 10,000 people. About 900 there was some looting of elite tombs of the site, which some think is suggestive of a revolt against the site's rulers. The site remained populated for about another century after that, but with no new major ceremonial or elite architecture built during that time. After this the population dwindled, with a moderate surge of reoccupation in the 12th century before declining again to a small agricultural village.



June 8 Edward was crowned king possibly at Kingston upon Thames.

§Papal States

February - Pope Benedict IV succeeds Pope John IX as the 117th pope.


Harald Fairhair of the Yngling or Scilfing dynasty subdues the petty kings of Norway and conquers the Orkney and Shetland islands.

§Middle East

§Persia (Modern Iran)


Persian scientist, Rhazes, distinguished smallpox from measles in the course of his writings. Holding against any sort of orthodoxy, particularly Aristotle's physics, he maintained "the conception of an 'absolute' time, regarded by him as a never-ending flow".

§North America


Beginning of the Postclassic Era which saw the collapse of many of the great nations and cities of the Classic Era, although some continued, such as in Oaxaca, Cholula, and the Maya of Yucatán, such as at Chichen Itza and Uxmal. This is sometimes seen as a period of increased chaos and warfare.


Beginning of the Pueblo II period lasting until 1100 CE.

§South America


The Killke occupied the region of Cuzco beginning around this time. This was three hundred years prior to the arrival of the Incas.

The Chimú appeared in the year 900 A.D: "The City of Chimor was at the great site now called Chanchan, between Trujilo and the sea, and we may assume that Taycanamo founded his kingdom there. His son, Guacri-caur, conquered the lower part of the valley and was succeeded by a son named Nancen-pinco who really laid the foundations of the Kingdom by conquering the head of the valley of Chimor and the neighboring valleys of Sana, Pacasmayo, Chicama, Viru, Chao and Santa."

§Southeast Asia

§Khmer (Modern Cambodia)

Harshavarman I became King of Angkor around this time and ruled until about 923 CE.


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