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§Byzantine Empire

Michael III, emperor.

§Southeast Asia

§Khmer empire (Modern Cambodia)

Jayavarman III succeeds his father Jayavarman II as ruler of the Khmer Empire. Very little is known about Jayavarman II's son and successor, Jayavarman III the second ruler of Angkor. An inscription from Prasat Sak describes: "When he failed to capture a wild elephant while hunting, a divinity promised that he would secure the animal if he built a sanctuary." There are some temples dated to his reign though none said that they belonged to him. He may have begun a small construction project which was overshadowed by his more ambitious successor and builder, Indravarman I. He died in 877 CE probably from chasing a wild elephant.



Charles the Bald, Louis the German and Lothar meet at Attigny.


Danish ruler, Horik's army attacked Hamburg and destroyed St. Mary's Cathedral there. It was Horik's last major war in East Francia.


First known pilgrimage to Rome of a Welsh ruler (Cyngen of Powys).


First written record of Novgorod.



King Horik I was killed by a nephew whom he had driven into exile. While in exile, the nephew had become a successful raider.

Horik II succeeds Horik I as king of Denmark.


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