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§Byzantine Empire

a Byzantine fleet of 85 ships did score a victory over the Arabs in 853, also there were many operations around the Aegean and off the Syrian coast by at least three more fleets, numbering 300 ships total. The imperial government undertook the resettlement of Paulicians from the eastern frontier into Thrace (thus cutting them off from their coreligionists and populating another border region) and launched an expedition against the Slavs in the Peloponnese.



A Byzantine fleet destroys Damiette (in Egypt)

§Eastern Asia


Tuan Ch'eng-Shih publishes Miscellaneous Offerings from Yu-yang (In China)


A great famine in Saxony so that many were forced to live on horse meat.

§Papal States

The year that Pope Joan (legend) allegedly was elected to the papacy.



Ruled by Horik I


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