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Byzantine Empire

Theophilus forbids the usage of icons, establishing strict punishments.


Pepin of Aquitaine and Louis the German revolt against Louis the Pious, Emperor of the Franks.


Clondalkin, Ireland is sacked by Vikings.


The second St Mark's Basilica in Venice (replacing an older church at a different location) is built.


The legendary genesis of the Flag of Scotland, appearing to Óengus (II) of Fortriu the night before a battle between his Pictish and Scottish forces against the Angles.

§Middle East


The Khalif al-Mansur was the patron who did most to attract the Nestorian physicians to the city of Baghdad which he had founded, and he was also a prince who did much to encourage those who set themselves to prepare Arabic translations of Greek, Syriac, and Persian works. Still more important was the patronage given by the Khalif al-Ma¢mun who in A.H. 217 (= A.D. 832) founded a school at Baghdad, suggested no doubt by the Nestorians and Zoroastrian schools already existing, and this he called the Bayt al-Hikma or "House of Wisdom", and this he placed under the guidance of Yahya b. Masawaih (d. A.H. 243 = A.D. 857), who was an author both in Syriac and Arabic, and learned also in the use of Greek. His medical treatise on "Fevers" was long in repute and was afterwards translated into Latin and into Hebrew.


Heraclea Cybistra, Turkey is sacked by Arabs.


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