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§Eastern Asia


Trisong Detsen becomes King of Tibet.


An Lushan rebellion begins in China.



Offa deposes king Bernred of Mercia and takes the kingdom.

Cynewulf deposes king Sebright of Wessex and takes the kingdom.

Sudden change in style in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, from short descriptions to true short story.


St Boniface the the German apostle was murdered near Neade Dokkum Rokk Friesland. This was the last outbreak of resentment against Christianity in the Netherlands. Christianity was thus established in the low countries


Abd-ar-Rahman I lands in Spain, where the next year he will establish a new Umayyad dynasty.

§Middle East


In Damascus, the Umayyads fall victims to a palace coup by the Abbasids, who take over the Muslim world and set up capital in Baghdad, which they soon make into the happening world glittering court.


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