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700000 BCE In 2005 scientists said that 32 black flint artifacts, found in river sediments in Pakefield in eastern England, date back 700,000 years and represent the earliest unequivocal evidence of human presence north of the Alps.


Home erectus "Heidelberg man" and is thought to have lived in this region from 800,000 BCE to 400,000 BCE.

§North America

640 thousand years ago the Yellowstone Super Volcano erupted.


§South Pacific


Homo floresiensis, nicknamed "hobbit" for its 3.5-foot stature, dates back to this time. It's believed that Homo floresiensis is a kind of dwarfed Homo erectus, although wrist bones appear more primitive than H. erectus. It's believed that they underwent an evolutionary process called island dwarfism that is also known in other species. They adapt to the limited resources of an island through natural selection.


Ancient humans existed in the Philippines about 709,000 years ago according to the fossil evidence at Kalinga, particularly the butchering of a rhino. << 800 Kyr | 2 Ma-10000 BCE | 600 Kyr >>

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