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§Of World Interest

The estimated population of the World is between 5 and 10 million people.

This is the approximate time for the final collapse of the North American Ice Sheet. This led to a 2 to 4m sea level rise.


§Modern Niger

Tenerians colonized the region between 7000 BCE and 4500 BCE


Néolithique Ancien (Late Phase) corresponding to the PNA of Jericho IX (also Yarmukian) between 6400 and 5800 BC represented by pottery, sickle blades, figurines and small points, dated between 6400 and 5800 BC.


Paleobotanical samples were analysed by Willem van Zeist who concluded that Emmer wheat and hard wheat had been cultivated since the earliest Neolithic stage at El Kowm I dating to c. 6300 BC


Late glacial period and beginning of modern climate conditions.

§Near East

The Indus Valley Tradition: Early food producing era.

§Anatolia (modern Turkey)

One of the world's first known human settlements circa 6500 B.C. at Çatalhöyük


6500: Rig Veda verses (e.g., 1.117.22, 1.116.12, say winter solstice begins in Aries (according to Dr. D. Frawley), indicating the antiquity of this section of the Vedas.


The Kurile lake caldera was formed by two large volcanic explosions, one 41,500 radiocarbon years ago and the other around 6440 BCE.


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