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§Of World Interest

The estimated population of the World ranges between 200 and 206 million people.


§Gök Türk Empire

Tardu attacked Changan the Sui capital around 600 as a warning to Emperor Yangdi to end his interference in the Göktürk civil war.

§Central America

§Caracol (Modern Belize)

599–613: "Knot Lord" is the ruler.



Around this time Vikings invaded the area drawn by the trade in amber. The Vikings traded with Russia and the Ukraine, a route that ran along the River Daugava.


The first chapel dedicated to Saint Martin in Utrecht was founded around 600 by Frankish clergy under the patronage of the Merovingian kings but was destroyed during an attack of the Frisians on Utrecht shortly thereafter.

§Middle East


Abbot Probus was commissioned by Pope Gregory the Great to build a hospital in Jerusalem to treat and care for Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land.

§North America


An unknown event destroys the civilization at Teotihuacan, along with the empire it supported. Tikal becomes the largest city-state in Mesoamerica, with as many as 500,000 inhabitants within the city and its hinterland.

§Mid West

The area now known as Cahokia was settled around 600 CE during the Late Woodland period. This is just outside of what is now St. Louis.


Oshara Tradition is replaced by the Pueblo Tradition about this time. The Oshara had resided in the Southwest from about 5500 BCE.

Between 600–700 CE the Hohokam Culture along the Colorado River began to employ irrigation on a large scale, and did so more prolifically than any other native group in the Colorado River basin.


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