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§World Weather

Both the World temperatures and precipitation were way below normal.



Phalaris, a tyrant, ruled in Acragas, Sicily.

§Middle East

§Babylon (Mesopotamia, Iraq)

Nergal-sharezer or Neriglissar was King of Babylon from 560 to 556 BCE. He was the son-in-law of Nebuchadrezzar II, whose son and heir, Amel-Marduk, Nergal-sharezer overthrew. A Babylonian chronicle describes his western war in 557/556.


Reign of Astyage

Cyrus becomes king of the Persians according to early Christian historian, Julius Africanus, (an alternate date has this in 559 as his father Cambyses ruled until 559 BCE) Some historians have him born around 600 BCE which would have made him about 40 years old. Others have him born in about 576 BCE which would have him about 14 years old, which is more likely. "as may be ascertained from the Bibliothecae of Diodorus and the histories of Thallus and Castor, and also from Polybius and Phlegon... And Cyrus then, in the first year of his reign, which was the first year of the 55th Olympiad, effected the first partial restoration of the people by the hand of Zorobabel, with whom also was Jesus the son of Josedec, since the period of 70 years was now fulfilled, as is narrated in Esdra the Hebrew historian. The narratives of the beginning of the sovereignty of Cyrus and the end of the captivity accordingly coincide. And thus, according to the reckoning of the Olympiads, there will be found a like harmony of events even to our time. And by following this, we shall also make the other narratives fit in with each other in the same manner."

Like his predecessors, Cyrus had to recognize Median overlordship. During Astyages's reign, the Median Empire may have ruled over the majority of the Ancient Near East, from the Lydian frontier in the west to the Parthians and Persians in the east.


Croesus becomes king of Lydia.



An aristocrat named Pisistratus seizes the Acropolis of Athens and declares himself tyrant. He is deposed in the same year.

Year of the 55th Olympiad

Pythagoras teaches math, music, vegetarianism and yoga-drawing from India's wisdom ways.


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