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§World Weather

This period is part of what is known as the Little Antique Ice Age

§Byzantine Empire

General Belisarius conquers Milan and the Ostrogothic capital Ravenna.

The Sassanids attack Dara and capture Antioch.

The Huns and Bulgars raid Greece.


Ostrogoth king Witiges is succeeded by Ildibad.

High King Custennin ap Cado of Britain is deposed and returns to Dumnonia.


  • Pope Vigilius rejects Monophysitism in letters to Emperor Justinian I and Patriarch Mennas of Constantinople.
  • The former Roman senator Cassiodorus establishes a monastery, the Vivarium, on his estate in Italy. He enlists highly educated and sophisticated men to copy both sacred and secular manuscripts, intending this to be their sole occupation (approximate date).
  • Benedict of Nursia writes his monastic laws.
  • Basilica was erected over the tomb of Saint Nikolaos in what is now modern Turkey.


  • Pope Gregory I (approximate date)
  • Galswintha, wife of Chilperic I
  • Myrddin Wyllt, later wild man of the woods and possible source for Merlin (approximate date)


  • Dionysius Exiguus (approximate date)
  • Witiges, king of the Ostrogoths
  • Empress Yifu
  • Empress Yujiul├╝


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