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§Eastern Europe

§Illyria (Albania)

Illyria had been a part of the Roman Empire since its kingdom was conquered in 168 BCE when the Romans defeated the army of the Illyrian king Gentius. From 167 BCE, southern Illyria became a formally independent Roman protectorate.

The region had considerable strategic and economic importance for the Romans. It possessed a number of important commercial ports along its coastline, and had gold mines in its interior regions. Illyria was also the starting point of the Via Egnatia, the great Roman road that ran from Dyrrachium (modern Durazzo), on the Adriatic, to Byzantium in the east.

In 59 BCE, after the Lex Vatinia, Illyricum was assigned as provincia together with Cisalpine Gaul to Caesar. A province was established at the end of Octavian's wars in Illyricum 35-33 BCE.


Pannonia was attacked by Octavian, who conquered and occupied Siscia (Sisak). The country was not, however, definitely subdued until 9 BC.

§Middle East

§Judea (Modern Israel)

18 year old High Priest, Aristobulus III of Judea, is drowned at a party, on Herod's orders.


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