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Tyre comes under Egyptian control until 198 BCE.

§Near East


Thessalian general Lysimachus (Lysimakhos) claimed Antigoneia as his share of the lands. He renamed it Nicaea in tribute to his wife Nicaea, a daughter of Antipater.


Battle Of Ipsus- Antigonus attempted to reunite Alexander's empire under his control. He invaded Egypt, but his forces and those of his son Demetrius were defeated. The Battle of Ipsus (Ancient Greek: Ἱψός) was fought between some of the Diadochi (the successors of Alexander the Great) in 301 BC near the village of that name in Phrygia. Antigonus I Monophthalmus and his son Demetrius I of Macedon were pitted against the coalition of three other companions of Alexander: Cassander, ruler of Macedon; Lysimachus, ruler of Thrace; and Seleucus I Nicator, ruler of Babylonia and Persia.


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