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Great Wall of China constructed in parts.


Year of the 120th Olympiad

Euclid Publishes Elements-The Greek mathmatician Euclid living in Alexandria, published a 13 volume work called Elements. It laid out for the first time the principals of geometry.

This prime number proof dates back to Euclid around 300 BC. After thousands of years, it still stands as one of the most beautiful proofs in mathematics.

The town of Thebes erected a giant stone lion on a pedestal at the burial site of the Sacred Band, a group of 300 gay warriors fighting alongside their male companions. This was restored in the 20th Century and still stands today. Although Plutarch claims that all three hundred of the Band's warriors died that day, excavation of the burial site at the Lion Monument in 1890 CE turned up 254 skeletons, arranged in seven rows.

Pilgrims travel to the healing temples of Asclepieion to be cured of their ills. After a ritual purification the followers bring offerings or sacrifices.

§Central America

Around this time the Maya adopted a hierarchical system of government with rule by nobles and kings.


Pyrrhus, the King of Epirus, is taken as a hostage to Egypt after the Battle of Ipsus and makes a diplomatic marriage with the princess Antigone, daughter of Ptolemy and Berenice.

Ptolemy concludes an alliance with King Lysimachus of Thrace and gives him his daughter Arsinoe II in marriage.


The central texts of Jainism, the Jain scriptures, are recorded (approximate date)

§North America


The Maya adopt the idea of a hierarchical society ruled by nobles and kings.

It's believed that the great pyramid of Cholula was built about this time. By whom remains a mystery.

§Seleucid Empire

Seleucus founds the city of Antioch, some 20 miles up the Orontes River, naming it after his father.

After the death of his wife Apama, Seleucus marries Stratonice, daughter of Demetrius Poliorcetes.

§Southeast Asia

The earlier Proto Malay groups were later pushed inland by the Deutero Malay settlers in the second wave of migration around 300 BC


Art[edit] In Pella (in Macedonia), the artist Gnosis makes a mosaic floor decoration called Stag Hunt and even signs it with "Gnosis made it". It is today preserved at the Archaeological museum in Pella.


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