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Period of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, known for his terracotta army.

§Roman Republic

The Romans attack Sardinia and try to capture it from the Carthaginians.

The Battle of Tyndaris is fought between the Roman fleet (with Marcus Atilius Regulus in command) and Carthaginian fleet off Tyndaris (modern Tindari) in Sicily. Hiero II, tyrant of Syracuse, has allowed Tyndaris to be a base for the Carthaginians. However, after this battle, the town falls to Roman forces.


Thục Phán (An Dương Vương), Chief of the Thục Tribe of the Âu Việts, defeats the Văn Lang Confederacy and unifies all Âu Việt and Lạc Việt tribes, thus founding the Kingdom of Âu Lạc and the Thục Dynasty.


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