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§Seleucid Empire

In alliance with Attalus I of Pergamum, Antiochus III finally captures the rebel king of Anatolia, Achaeus, in his capital, Sardis, after a siege of two years. Antiochus III then has Achaeus executed.

§Roman Republic

Casilinum and Arpi are recovered by the Romans from Hannibal.


Archimedes's war machines repel the Roman army that is invading Syracuse.


Emperor Qin Shi Huang orders all Confucian writings destroyed.

Work continues on the mausoleum, including the thousands of terra cotta warriors, for Qin Shi Huang Di.


  • Aratus of Sicyon, Greek statesman, general and advocate of Greek unity, who, for many years, has been the leader of the Achaean League (b. 271 BC)
  • Achaeus, Seleucid general and later separatist ruler of most of Anatolia until his defeat and execution by the Seleucid king Antiochus III


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