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Work continues on the mausoleum, including the thousands of terra cotta warriors, for Qin Shi Huang Di.



The Romans mounted two sieges of Capua, which fell in 211 BC, and the Romans completed their conquest of Syracuse and destruction of a Carthaginian army in Sicily. Shortly thereafter, the Romans pacified Sicily and entered into an alliance with the Aetolian League to counter Phillip V. Philip, who attempted to exploit Rome's preoccupation in Italy to conquer Illyria, now found himself under attack from several sides at once and was quickly subdued by Rome and her Greek allies. Meanwhile, Hannibal had defeated Fulvius at Herdonea in Apulia, but lost Tarentum in the following year.

§Middle East


Arsaces II of Parthia ruled c. 211–191 BCE is called Artabanus by early scholars but modern historians prefer "Arsaces".

He succeeded his father Arsaces I in about 211 BCE. In 209 BCE Antiochus III of the Seleucid kingdom invaded Parthia, occupied the capital Hecatompylos, pushed forward to Tagae near Damghan, defeated Arsaces II at Mount Labus, and entered Hyrcania where he occupied Tambrax. Syrinx was then taken by siege.

Arsaces II apparently successfully sued for peace and Antiochus moved on to fight another rebel in Bactria. Arsaces was succeeded by his cousin Phriapatius in 191 BCE.


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