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The year began with a bomb cyclone (intense winter storm like a hurricane) hitting the East Coast of the United States. The world is wondering whether President Trump will start a nuclear war with North Korea, which claims to be nuclear ready, "with a button on my desk" says, Kim Jong Un. The cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, maintains its high valuation, hovering around $16,000 at the beginning of January. It's a time when machines are smarter, and humans, perhaps not so much. Countries are divided, unrest rocks Iran with unprecedented protests against the ruling Ayatollah. It's a time of hope, the hope that is that we haven't completely destroyed the Earth, the hope that industry doesn't take the attitude, "How can you ruin what's already ruined?" It's the hope that AI might have an answer and the hope that the answer isn't "Get rid of humans."


  • January 3 - Thomas Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


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