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The year began with a bomb cyclone (intense winter storm like a hurricane) hitting the East Coast of the United States. The world is wondering whether President Trump will start a nuclear war with North Korea, which claims to be nuclear ready, "with a button on my desk" says, Kim Jong Un. The cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, maintains its high valuation, hovering around $16,000 at the beginning of January. It's a time when machines are smarter, and humans, perhaps not so much. Countries are divided, unrest rocks Iran with unprecedented protests against the ruling Ayatollah. It's a time of hope, the hope that is that we haven't completely destroyed the Earth, the hope that industry doesn't take the attitude, "How can you ruin what's already ruined?" It's the hope that AI might have an answer and the hope that the answer isn't "Get rid of humans." One of the people warning of AI was cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, who sadly died in March.

Climate change has continued to cause havoc and is now being spoken of almost daily in the media. It's not the only thing causing havoc as the President of the US seems to revel in bringing about anger and hostility. He sent troops to the border to stop a group of migrants seeking to enter legally into the US.



February 15 - Ethio­pian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn submitted his resignation while the country is in deep turmoil.

July 9 - The leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea have signed a declaration saying that the state of war between the two countries is over.


January 22 - George Weah became Liberia's 24th President.

§South Africa

January 26 - Cape Town’s leaders have instructed residents to use only 50 liters of water daily beginning February 1st, down from the 87-liter limit. “Day Zero” is projected to arrive on April 12th. Some fear it could come sooner, while others hope it won’t happen if rationing works and it eventually rains.

February 15 - Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa elected President of South Africa.

§{Swaziland} eSwatini

April 20 - The king has decreed that Swaziland will now be known as eSwatini.


§North Korea

July 2 - After the Olympics this year North and South Korea have improved relations leading to a meeting between US President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore. But reported today, North Korea has begun expanding its nuclear ballistic arsenal.

§Central America


June 3 - The Volcan de Fuego erupted killing at least 25 people with many more missing.



January 25 - The great Nutella Riots - Intermarché, a French supermarket chain, reduced the price of Nutella by 70% causing rioting in the stores trying to purchase this nut and cocoa product.


March 14 - Germany’s parliament has elected Angela Merkel for her fourth term as chancellor

§Great Britain

March 14 - Britain expels 23 Russian diplomats over chemical attack on ex-spy


April 8 - Viktor Orban scored a sweeping victory as Prime Minister. This is his third term. He claims that he is saviour of Hungary’s Christian culture against Muslim migration into Europe.


May 27 - President Sergio Mattarella on Sunday blocked the formation of a government that would have been decidedly against the euro.


September 6 - India's Supreme Court overturned a colonial era law on gay sex.

§North America


April 19 - Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez has been elected president of Cuba, officially ending the Castro family's decades of domination of the country's highest office


July 1 - López Obrador was voted in as Mexico's president. He is a leftist and is known to have spoken ill of US President Trump.

December 1 - Lopez Obrador takes office and promises a radical change in Mexico.

§United States

January 13 - People throughout the State of Hawaii thought they had 15 minutes to live when they received a civil defense alert on their cell phones telling them that there was an inbound ballistic missile and that this was not a drill. It took the government 38 minutes to issue an all clear message letting people know that this message was sent by accident. The person responsible for the error resigned his position.

January 19 - For the first time in U.S. history the Federal government shut down while a single political party controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. There was a failure to come to terms on immigration policy, the building and funding of a Mexican border wall, and reprieve for the DACA "Dreamers", people brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

January 22 - An agreement was reached between the two political parties that will keep the federal government open until February 8 This give the parties time to negotiate on a more permanent arrangement. As part of the deal for a temporary fix, the Children’s Health Insurance Program was guaranteed funding for six years.

March 14 - Students at thousands of schools across the country began walking out of class at 10 am to protest gun violence and to mark one month since a mass shooting left 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.

March 14 - President Trump fired the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

May 3 - Lava began erupting in Hawaii's Big Island in the Leilani subdivision. This lava came after a collapse of the Puu Oo crater and the partial draining of the Kilauea summit crater's lava lake that had been overflowing onto the crater floor.

May 4 - Hawaii Volcanoes National Park closed to visitors because of explosive eruption blasts of ash and rock. This followed a magnitude 6.9 earthquake on the island of Hawaii.

June 4 - The Kilauea volcano continues to erupt into the East Rift Zone wiping out many homes and businesses as lava flows into the sea from several locations. Large fountains of lava reaching hundreds of feet in the air turn the sky night orange and release large amounts of toxic gasses. The beautiful Kapoho Bay began being filled by lava after wiping out several orchid farms.

September 6 - President Trump is faced with both a damning book by Bob Woodward and an anonymous piece saying there are people within his administration actively working against him for the sake of the country. They said they had considered using the 25th Amendment but decided it was too messy.

November 12 - Wildfires in California have killed at least 44 so far with countless homes and buildings destroyed. The Camp Fire, as one of them has been designated, is the deadliest in California's history. Several fires remain burning.

November 25 - The Camp Fire in northern California is 100% contained. It burned nearly 154,000 acres and killed at least 85 people.

November 30 - A 7.0 earthquake hit Anchorage, Alaska. No loss of life but damage to buildings and roads.

§U.S. Business

March 15 - Toys 'R' Us goes out of business. Children are choosing app-based games or Amazon and other online retailers for toys. This closure will impact 30,000 jobs. Toys 'R' Us failed in its attempt to find a buyer to maintain payments on its debt.

November 25 - Cryptocurrencies fall to new lows as the SEC begins enforcement.


March 17 - Russia elects Vladimir Putin for another term as president.


November 26 - Russia fires on and siezes 3 Unkrainian ships. The President of the Ukraine has asked his parliament to declare 60 days of marshal law.

§South America


October 28 - Jair Bolsonaro became the president of Brazil. He is known as a far-right leaning candidate and vowed to follow US President Trump when he said, "Think of it as America First".

§South Pacific


March 23 - 135 pilot whales die in a mass beaching event.

§Western Asia


January 27 - A suicide bomber in a Kabul ambulance kills 94 and wounds another 15 people.


  • January 3 - Thomas Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • February 21 - Billy Graham, the Father of Modern Christian Evangelism, aged 99.
  • February 24 - Richard Taylor, Nobel-winning physicist who helped discover quarks, aged 88
  • March 13 - Stephen Hawking, physicist, author and one of the world's great minds, died of Motor neurone disease (MND), age 76.
  • March 22 - Bozo the Clown, actor Frank Avruch, brought joy to millions, died aged 89.
  • March 23 - Zell Miller, former Georgia governor and senator, aged 86.
  • April 4 - Thomas M. Sullivan, aka wrestler ‘Luscious’ Johnny Valiant age 71, from a pedestrian/vehicle accident.
  • April 17 - Barbara Bush, Former first lady of the United States, age 92.
  • July 9 - Tab Hunter, actor, age 86. Played heart throb roles in the 1950's and 60's. Survived by his partner of more than 30 years, Allan Glaser.
  • August 16 - Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, age 76.
  • October 15 - Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder, Seahawks owner, and space pioneer, age 65
  • November 12 - Stan Lee, creator of Spiderman, Ironman and many other comics. He created a billion dollar comic empire. Age 95.
  • November 30 - Former President George Bush, age 94


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