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§Of World Interest

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was published on March 11th.



December 24 - The music to "Silent Night" was composed by Franz Joseph Gruber. The lyrics were written two years earlier by Josef Mohr.

December 25 - First time the Christmas carol "Silent Night, Holy Night" was sung


October 24 - Felix Mendelssohn, 9, performs his 1st public concert in Berlin


Johann I granted the territory a limited constitution. 1818 also saw the first visit of a member of the house of Liechtenstein, Prince Alois; however, the first visit by a sovereign prince would not occur until 1842.


  • Monarch: John VI King of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves from 1816 to 1822


In eastern Switzerland, the summers of 1816 and 1817 were so cool that an ice dam formed below a tongue of the GiƩtro Glacier high in the Val de Bagnes. In spite of the efforts of the engineer Ignaz Venetz to drain the growing lake, the ice dam collapsed catastrophically in June 1818.

§North America

§United States

January 1 - Official reopening of the White House

March 18 - Congress approves 1st pensions for government service

On April 4th, the U.S. Congress adopted the flag of the United States as having 13 red and white stripes and one star for each state (20 stars at the time) with additional stars to be added whenever a new state is added to the Union.

April 7 - General Andrew Jackson conquers St. Marks Florida from Seminole indians

April 14 - U.S. Medical Corp forms

April 16 - Senate ratifies Rush-Bagot amendment (unarmed US-Canada border)

April 28 - Monroe proclaims naval disarmament on Great Lakes and Lake Champlain

May 24 - General Andrew Jackson captures Pensacola Florida

May 28 - First steam-vessel to sail Great Lakes launched

October 19 - U.S. and Chicasaw Indians sign a treaty

October 20 - 49th parallel forms as border between U.S. and Canada

October 20 - U.S. and Britain agree to joint control of Oregon country

§U.S. Economy

John Jacob Astor warned Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin that redoubled speculation, goaded by the Bank of the United States (BUS), now threatened 'a general Blow up' among the state banks.

§U.S. Statehood

December 3 - Illinois becomes 21st State


Tsar Alexander approved the Russian America Company efforts to develop commercial relations with the Kingdom of Hawaii, but demurred from erecting a Russian protectorate over the Hawaiian islands, finding "the hope of the establishment of the Russians on one of the Sandwich Islands has very little foundation..."

November 21 - Russia's Czar Alexander I petitions for a Jewish state in Palestine



September 7th, Carl III of Sweden-Norway was crowned king of Norway, in Trondheim.


On May 11th, Charles XIV of Sweden-Norway was crowned king of Sweden.

§South America


Bernardo O'Higgins ruled Chile as supreme director (president). His attempt to devise a constitution in 1818 that would legitimize his government failed, as did his effort to generate stable funding for the new administration. O'Higgins's dictatorial behavior aroused resistance in the provinces.

On February 12th, Chile proclaimed its independence from Spain.

§South Pacific


The minister William Pascoe Crook founded the city of Papeete, which became the capital of the island.


January 3 21:52 UTC - Venus occulted Jupiter. It was the last occultation of a planet by another planet before November 22nd, 2065. Unfortunately no observation reports from this event visible in the Pacific area are known.


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