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§Paleo Geography

The Sudbury crater in Canada was caused by a comet or an asteroid about 1.8 Ma.

§Homo evolution

The genus of homo is the genus of humans. It is believed that homo ergaster emerged during this period in time, most probably in eastern and southern Africa. As with many early homo species, its specific place in the homo family tree, as in its relationship with other homo species is debated.

It would not be unreasonable thanks to scientific endeavour to assume it is ancestral to or at least shared a common ancestor with homo erectus.

Many early homo species have been discovered and particularly in Africa. The most popularised putative species being homo habilis which emerged during the end of the preceding Neogene period. It is again a popular view that homo ergaster descended from homo habilis, but there is evidence to support the fact that they lived alongside one another as well.

Homo ergaster is accredited with the further development of Oldowan tools. Discovery of tools that are more advanced than the basic Oldowan tools have lead scientists to believe that brain development contributed to tool development. These later tools have been named Acheulean tools and are believed to have required more skill to produce.

The next major species of homo is the homo erectus which is believed to have developed around 1.8 million years ago.

This is where it gets incredibly confusing for anthropologists (the scientists of humans and their evolution). They know that there is a crossover in homo bone discoveries between the early homo habilis and the advanced homo erectus. There is an abundance of discoveries of both of these species. They know that homo erectus advanced out of the continent of Africa and populated the Indian subcontinent, Southest Asia and the Far East. Therefore there was a journey out of Africa for the homo genus around this period.

It is rather like piecing together the pieces of a jigsaw. Attempting to piece together the species which possibly evolved from the earlier African homo habilis and which ancestral line created the multi-continental homo erectus. What we do know is that homo ergaster is closely related to this puzzle and that another homo species, namely homo georgicus closley fits into this picture in some way too.

Homo georgicus bones were found in the Caucasus in modern day Georgia as the name would suggest. This homo genus member has been dated as 1.8 million years old strongly suggesting the migration from Africa of the homo genus occurred as long as 2 million years ago. Its strong relationship with the more modern homo erectus has lead some scientists to categorise it as a subspecies of erectus called homo erectus georgicus.


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