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§Caribbean Sea


October 25 - A hurricane kills 50 people.


Tacky's rebellion occurs in Jamaica.

§Puerto Rico

July 19 - A formal request is made to the Spanish government as to allow the founding of the later city of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

August 21 - The church (later cathedral) of "Our Lady of Candlemas of Mayagüez (Puerto Rico)" is founded, establishing the basis for the founding of the city.

18 September - The town (later city) of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico is founded.



Abbe Charles Michel de L'Epee founded a school for the deaf. In line with emerging philosophical thought of the time, Épée came to believe that deaf people were capable of language and concluded that they should be able to receive the sacraments and thus avoid going to hell. He began to develop a system of instruction of the French language and religion. In the early 1760s, his shelter became the world's first free school for the deaf, open to the public. After the death of Père Vanin in 1759, the Abee de l'Épée was introduced to two Deaf girls who were in need of a new instructor. The school began in 1760 and shortly thereafter was opened to the public and became the world's first free school for the Deaf. It was originally located in a house at 14 rue des Moulins, butte Saint-Roch, near the Louvre in Paris

Though Épée's original interest was in religious education, his public advocacy and development of a kind of "Signed French" enabled deaf people to legally defend themselves in court for the first time.


July 31 - Seven Years' War: Battle of Warburg: The Anglo-Hanoverian army of Ferdinand of Brunswick storms Warburg, with a heroic role being played by the English commander Lord Granby.

October 9 - Russian troops enter Berlin, but soon withdraw.

November 3 - Seven Years' War: Battle of Torgau: In another extremely hard Frederick defeats Daun's Austrians, who withdraw across the Elbe.

§Great Britain

Horsley Castle was pulled down around 1760 when Kedleston Hall was re-built

The dockyards of Portsmouth catch fire.

October 25 - Death of George II of Great Britain. His grandson George III ascends to the throne.


August 15 - Seven Years' War: Battle of Legnica: By a series of brilliant maneuvers, Frederick the Great manages to defeat the Austrian army of Marshal Laudon before it can unite with that of Marshal Daun.

§Middle East

§United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is founded. (Approximate date)

§North America


June 4 - Great Upheaval: New England planters arrive to claim land in Nova Scotia Canada taken from the Acadians.

July 8 - Seven Years' War: French and Indian War: Battle of the Ristigouche: British defeat French forces in last naval battle in New France.

§New World Colonies

January 28 -- Benning Wentworth creates the New Hampshire Grant of Pownal, Vermont.

February 27 - Seven Years' War: French and Indian War: Cherokee natives allied with French forces attack a North Carolina militia stationed at Fort Dobbs in the western part of the province. The attack is repelled by the militia.

March 20 - The "Great Fire" of Boston destroys 349 buildings.


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