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The Funj warrior aristocracy deposes the reigning mek and places one of their own ranks on the throne of Sennar. (History of Sudan (Coming of Islam to the Turkiyah))



February - The Royal infant grandson, Prince George William, fell ill, and the King allowed both the Prince and Princess of Wales to see him at Kensington Palace without any conditions. When George William died, a post-mortem was conducted to prove that the cause of death was disease (a polyp on the heart) rather than the separation from his mother.

The young prince died at just over three months of age, long before his father acceded to the throne as George II. His parents blamed George I for his death because his grandfather made his parents leave St.James's Palace and leave their young children behind. Even though this didn't cause his death, this only worsened the relationship between father and son.


January - France Declares war on Spain in the two-year War of the Quadruple Alliance.

§Holy Roman Empire

Austria came out of its conflict with the Ottoman Empire with sizable gains in Serbia and Royal Hungary, extending its empire to the Danube River.


April 4 - England, France and the Dutch Republic (and later Austria) selected Don Carlos of Spain, the elder child of Elisabeth Farnese (a great-granddaughter of Margherita de' Medici) and Philip V of Spain, as the Tuscan heir, the Electress's rights to throne being completely disregarded in the process.


July 21 - Treaty of Passarowitz is signed.

§North America


In March 1718, while taking on water at Turneffe Island east of Belize, both ships spotted Adventure (a sloop from Jamaica) making for the harbour. The sloop was quickly stopped and its captain, David Harriot, invited to join the pirates. Harriot and his crew agreed, and Teach sent over a crew to run Adventure. They sailed for the Bay of Honduras, where they added another ship and four sloops to their flotilla. On 9 April Teach's enlarged fleet of ships looted and burnt Protestant Caesar. His fleet then sailed to Grand Cayman where they captured a "small turtler". Teach probably sailed toward Havana, where he may have captured a small Spanish vessel that had left the Cuban port. They then sailed to the wrecks of the 1715 Spanish fleet, off the western coast of Florida. There he disembarked the crew of the captured Spanish sloop, before proceeding north to the port of Charleston, South Carolina, attacking three vessels along the way

Governor Woodes Rogers reached Nassau in 1718 and restored British control. the King of England sent Cpt. Woodes Rogers with a blanket pardon for all pirates who wished to return to an honest life, provided they turned themselves in by September 1718. Among those who accepted this offer was Benjamin Hornigold, and in a shrewd move, Rogers commissioned Hornigold to hunt down and capture those pirates who refused to surrender and accept the royal pardon. As a former privateer himself, Hornigold was well placed to understand what needed to be done and he pursued his former comrades with zeal. Although pirates such as Charles Vane and Blackbeard evaded capture, Hornigold did take ten pirates prisoner and on the morning of 12 December 1718, nine of them were executed.

§United States

When wealthy London merchant Elihu Yale—step grandson of Theophilus Eaton, co-founder of the New Haven colony—donated over 400 books, a portrait of King George I, and cloth goods that sold for 562 pounds, the Collegiate School was re-named Yale College.

May - Blackbeard leads 300 sailors in four ships to blockade the port of Charleston, South Carolina in late May. The "Queen Anne's Revenge" and "Adventure" are both lost in Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina one week later. Blackbeard allows Stede Bonnet to once again command the "Revenge", which is renamed the "Royal James". Bonnet rescues 25 sailors abandoned by Blackbeard on a sandbar and continues his life of piracy.

June - Blackbeard takes refuge in Bath, North Carolina where North Carolina Governor Charles Eden pardons his entire crew.

July 30 - William Penn died in his sleep. "Although his efforts had given him little but years of frustration and ultimately left him a broken man, William Penn died as the most successful agent of imperial expansion that England had yet produced." "[Upon Penn's death his estate,] tangled beyond recognition, was consigned to the Court of Chancery, where it disappeared under a mountain of pleadings and counterpleadings. The case remained unresolved for another seven years. [His second wife] Hannah herself did not live to see the case settled"

August 12 - New Orleans, Louisiana is founded.

October - Stede Bonnet and his crew are captured near the mouth of the Cape Fear River and taken to Charleston, South Carolina where they are tried for piracy. All but four of Bonnet's crew are found guilty and sentenced to death.

November 22 - Citing violations of the amnesty agreement with Blackbeard, Virginia Governor Alexander Spottswood sends a Royal Navy contingent to North Carolina where they battle Blackbeard and his crew in Ocracoke Inlet. Blackbeard is killed in the action after receiving five musketball wounds and 20 sword lacerations.

December 18 - Stede Bonnet is hanged in Charleston, South Carolina after being recaptured.



December 6 - After the death of Charles XII on November 30, Ulrika Eleonora becomes Queen of Sweden.


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