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§Coast of Africa


The last dodo bird is killed.



October 12 - A London woman is publicly flogged for the crime of "involving herself in politics."

August 31 - Titus Oates is told to leave his state apartments in the Whitehall - his fame begins to wane and he is soon arrested and imprisoned for sedition.

Collections are made in England for needy French refugees.


France annexes the city of Strasbourg.


March 17 - Thomas Dineley reported people wearing crosses of green ribbon in their hats on Saint Patrick's Day. This is the first known association of the color green with St. Patrick and Ireland who were traditionally identified by the color blue. The specific shade of blue is in question. But Ireland today is identified by a gold harp on a blue field.


After the last Cammingha died in 1681, the island of Ameland was sold to Johan Willem Friso of Orange Nassau, hereditary stadholder of Frisia. For an amount of € 77,000 Ameland became private property of the House of Orange. To the islanders, a population of poor farmers, sailors and beachcombers, it did not make much difference; they went on minding their own business as before. They lived on what land and sea provided, a frugal, yet rather peaceful life.


August - Ahom King Gadadhar Singha or Gadapani, who took the Tai name Supaatphaa, ascends the throne.

§North America

§United States

March 4 - Charles II of England grants a land charter to William Penn for the area that will later become Pennsylvania as payment for a debt of 16,000 pounds the King owed to Penn's father, a deceased admiral in the British Navy.



The alliance of VOC (Dutch East India Company) and Amangkurat II forced Pangeran Puger, his younger brother, who styled himself Susuhunan ing Alaga when he seized the throne, to relinquish it. Since the fallen Plered was considered inauspicious, Amangkurat II moved the capital to Kartasura in the land of Pajang (the northern part of the stretch of land between Mount Merapi and Mount Lawu, the southern part being Mataram.


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