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§Eastern Asia


The Chinese herbal medicine company Tongrentang was established.

Chinese Emperor Kangxi allowed coastal residents who were deported in 1662 to return home.


The Mogul Emperor Aurangzeb destroys several Hindu temples and banned the whole religion, so Hindus rebel.



September 23 - Leopold I Habsburg grants the status and privileges of a university to the Jesuit Academy in Zagreb, the precursor to the modern University of Zagreb.


June 22 - Roux de Marsilly publicly tortured to death in Paris accused of plotting the assassination of King Louis XIV of France.

Francois de Beaufort, grandson of Henry IV of France, goes missing at Candia, presumed dead.

Eustache Dauger, often called "The man in the mask", was arrested. It was said that he only occasionally wore the mask and that when he did wear a mask, it was velvet, not iron. He was held in the Bastille and other French jails for more than three decades, until his death in 1703. Dauger was a valet for the treasurer of Cardinal Mazarin, who was principal minister of France during Louis XIV's early life. Mazarin accumulated a large fortune, and Sonnino believes the valet thought that some of the money was stolen.

It's possible that Mazarin had stolen a portion of his large fortune from the previous king and queen of England. Dauger must have made a revelation of this fact at the wrong time. He was informed, when arrested, that if he revealed his identity to anyone, he would immediately be killed.


June 25 - Francois de Vendome, Duke of Beaufort, disappears during a battle in the siege of Candia in Crete.


January 11 - Peter Talbot is appointed Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland (consecrated at Antwerp 29 April (9 May New Style)).[1] March 8 - James Lynch is appointed Roman Catholic Archbishop of Tuam (consecrated at Ghent 6 May (16 May NS)). March 26 - A royal charter is granted to the trust established by Erasmus Smith for the provision of grammar schools in Ireland, under which the Drogheda Grammar School is founded.

The King's Hospital is endowed as The Hospital and Free School of King Charles II in Dublin.

May–August - George Fox, founder of the Quakers, visits Ireland. William Penn also returns to Ireland this year.

July 9 - Oliver Plunkett is appointed Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland (consecrated at Ghent 21 November (1 December NS)).


March 11 - Mount Etna erupts - the eruption destroys the town of Nicolosi and kills 20,000

September 6 - Francesco Morosini, capitano generale of the Venetian forces in the siege of Candia, surrenders to the Ottomans.

Antonio Stradivari makes his first violin.


Turkish units burned the eastern part of Kolárovo.



Famine in Bengal kills 3 million people.

§North America

§New World Colonies (Modern United States)

North Carolina, eager to lure settlers, promised five years' protection from any debts contracted in the Old World.


October 4 - Rembrandt van Rijn, Dutch painter and etcher, considered one of the greatest European painters


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