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§Southern Asia

§Sri Lanka

The Dutch capture city of Colombo in Sri Lanka.

§Southwestern Asia


Mehmed Köprülü becomes Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire.


April 28 - The ship Vergulde Draeck is wrecked off Ledge Point, Western Australia after it departed the Cape of Good Hope: rescue missions failed to find the survivors.

July - In an attempt to rescue survivors of the Vergulde Draeck, a search party was sent ashore, in Goede Hoop's boat, which smashed against rocks and sank: 8 sailors drowned; 3 more disappeared ashore.



Jews are readmitted to England by Oliver Cromwell.

The only Fifty Shilling British coin is minted.

Adams' Grammar School in Shropshire, England is founded by William Adams.


Cromwellian soldier William Morris becomes a Quaker, founding a meeting at Belturbet, County Cavan, before returning to his home at Castle Salem, Cork.

William Petty completes the comprehensive mapping of Ireland known as the Down Survey.


December - The pendulum clock is invented by Christiaan Huygens.


April 1 - King Jan Kazimierz crowns Our Lady of Częstochowa (the Black Madonna) as Queen and Protector of Poland in the cathedral of Lwów after the miraculous saving of the monastery of Jasna Góra during The Deluge, an event which actually changed the course of the war.


The Stockholm Banco, the first bank to issue banknotes, is founded.

§North America

§United States

§U.S. Religion

July 1 - Mary Fisher and Ann Austin arrived in Boston met with hostility from the Puritan leaders. Their books were burned, they were stripped and searched for signs of witchcraft, and then they were imprisoned. They were fed only because a compassionate townsman, Nicholas Upsall, bribed the jailer. Upon their release, the two women were deported back to England.

October 14 - The Massachusetts Magistrates caused that a law prohibiting any citizen from aiding the Quakers was read in public. The act was apparently read before the door of Nicholas Usall's inn, and he is recorded as having raised his voice in protest. He later wrote, "...that he did look at it as a sad fore-runner of some heavy judgment to fall on the country." On the following morning he was called before the Court and charged with having expressed his disapprobation of the law against Quakers.

A fine of twenty pounds was exacted from him, Governor Endecott saying, "I will not bate him [i.e., reduce his fine] one Groat." He was besides banished to depart in thirty days, including four in prison, and was fined three pounds more for not attending worship after banishment. At 60 years of age, Upsall abandoned the Puritan Church, giving up the rights and privileges accorded to him as a Freeman, and joined the Friends (Quakers). He was banished as a result and took refuge during the winter of 1656 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. There he helped to found the first Monthly Meeting of Friends in the United States the following year.

§South Pacific


The population of Hoamoal were relocated to Ambon. All spice trees on Hoamoal were destroyed by the Dutch and the island now had no inhabitants.


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