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Egypt was conquered by tribes, apparently Semitic, known as the Hyksos by the Egyptians. (An alternate date is 1664 BCE

Egypt was ruled for a century from 1664-1569 BC by the Hyksos, a group of warriors from Asia – possibly Semitic in origin – whose summer capital, Avaris, was in the northern Delta area.

An epidemic, either bubonic plague or influenza struck Egypt and lasted for a hundred years.

Woseribre Senebkay may have been Pharaoh about this time.


When the Canaanite Hyksos occupied Egypt, a second city developed on the ruins of the first Tell as-Sakan. However, it was abandoned by the 14th century BCE, at the end of the Bronze Age


The volcano, Santorini, erupted. It was considered a Colossal eruption.


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