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§Of World Interest

May 5 - Transit of Mercury across the Sun.



Hidetada orders the execution of more Christians in Nagasaki.



Admiral Hein, with Witte de With as his flag captain, sailed out to capture a Spanish treasure fleet loaded with silver from their American colonies and the Philippines. With him was Admiral Hendrick Lonck and he was later joined by a squadron of Vice-Admiral Joost Banckert. Part of the Spanish fleet in Venezuela had been warned because a Dutch cabin boy had lost his way on Blanquilla and was captured, betraying the plan, but the other half from Mexico continued its voyage, unaware of the threat. Sixteen Spanish ships were intercepted; one galleon was taken after a surprise encounter during the night, nine smaller merchants were talked into a surrender; two small ships were taken at sea fleeing, four fleeing galleons were trapped on the Cuban coast in the Bay of Matanzas.

After some musket volleys from Dutch sloops their crews surrendered also and Hein captured 11,509,524 guilders of booty in gold, silver, and other expensive trade goods, as indigo and cochineal, without any bloodshed. The Dutch didn't take prisoners: they gave the Spanish crews ample supplies for a march to Havana. The released were surprised to hear the admiral personally giving them directions in fluent Spanish; Hein after all was well acquainted with the region as he had been confined to it during his internment after 1603. The treasure was the company's greatest victory in the Caribbean.


Shah Jahan becomes the emperor of the Mughal Empire. Immediately after becoming Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan's forces were ambushed by Sikh rebels, the Emperor organized an assault, which caused almost all the Sikhs, including Guru Hargobind and his mercenaries to flee. Shah Jahan repulsed the Portuguese in Bengal, capturing the Rajput kingdoms of Baglana, Mewar and Bundelkhand to the west and the northwest beyond the Khyber Pass. He then chose his 16 year old son Aurangzeb to serve in his place and subdue the rebellion by the Bundela Rajputs led by the renegade Jhujhar Singh. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan then chose his son Aurangzeb to become the Subedar of Deccan and ordered the annexation of Ahmednagar and the overthrow of the Nizam Shahi dynasty.



Richard Rawlidge complained that whereas in London there were less than 130 churches, there were 'above thirty hundred alehouses'.

March 1 - writs were issued in February 1628 by Charles I of England that every county in England (not just seaport towns) pay ship tax by this date.

Charles I reconvenes the English Parliament and accepts the Petition of Right as a concession to gain his subsidies.

August 23 - John Felton assassinates George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham at the Greyhound Pub.

William Harvey publishes his findings about blood circulation.

Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus, by William Harvey, is published.

Oliver Cromwell became the Member of Parliament for Huntingdon in the Parliament of 1628–1629, as a client of the Montagus. He made little impression: records for the Parliament show only one speech (against the Arminian Bishop Richard Neile), which was poorly received.


October 28 – Siege of La Rochelle ends with the surrender of the Huguenots.


Mazarin followed Filippo I Colonna as captain of infantry in his regiment during the war in Monferrato of 1628 over the succession to Mantua.


Michaelis Jones founded the Dutch Reformed Church.


August 10 - The Swedish 64 gun sailing ship Vasa sinks on her maiden voyage in the Stockholm harbor

§North America

§United States

September 6 - Puritans settle Salem which will later become part of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The Collegiate School, today the oldest educational institution in North America, is established.

The elders in Plymouth Colony sent Captain Myles Standish and a force of men armed with muskets and swords to wipe their competitors at Merry Mount from the earth. The Puritan army quickly conquered Merry Mount, arrested its leaders, and chopped down the maypole

§South Pacific


Nan Madol had been the ceremonial and political seat of the Saudeleur Dynasty, which united Pohnpei's estimated 25,000 people until about this time.


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