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§Of World Interest

Possible period of the Minoan eruption 1627 - 1600 BCE. Radiocarbon dates, including analysis of an olive branch buried beneath a lava flow from the volcano that gave a date between 1627 BCE and 1600 BCE (95% confidence interval), suggest an eruption date more than a century earlier than suggested by archaeologists. Evidence of a climatic event around 1628 BCE has been found in studies of growth depression of European oaks in Ireland and of Scotch pines in Sweden. Bristlecone pine frost rings also indicate a date of 1627 BCE, supporting the late 1600s BCE dating

§Middle East

§Babylon (Mesopotamia, Iraq)

Ammi-Saduqa was the king from 1646 or 1647 BCE to 1626 BCE.

The Epic of Atrahasis, the fullest Mesopotamian account of the Great Flood, was written during this period.


Third decade of 100 year epidemic that struck Egypt in 1650 BCE.


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