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§Of World Interest

May 3 - Transit of Mercury across the Sun.



Genwa Era

End of the Sengoku Period in Japan.

January - A peace proposal is signed between Ieyasu and Hideyori but Ieyasu breaks the agreement and Hidetada begins the process of filling in the moats and tearing down the outer walls of Ōsaka castle.

May - The siege of Ōsaka castle recommences.

June 4 - Forces under the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu took Osaka Castle in Japan, beginning a period of peace which lasts nearly 250 years. Ieyasu troops enter the inner defense areas of Ōsaka Castle. Days later the castle falls and is defeated. Hideyori commits suicide and his mother is killed by a retainer to prevent her capture. Ieyasu is now in total control of Japan.

August - Ieyasu imposes 17 clause code of conduct on the military class (the Buke Shohatto). Among the prohibitions, each daimyō is restricted to the possession of one military castle or garrison headquarters. In addition, repairs or enlargements could only be made with prior approval from the bakufu and all marriages had to be approved by the shōgun. In addition, the power of the throne and of Buddhist clerics are severely limited.



Johannes Kepler publishes Dissertatio cum Nuncio Sidereo in response to Galileo's discovery of Jupiter's moons.


Mary Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury, is released from the Tower of London in recognition of her role in helping to discover the murder of Sir Thomas Overbury.

The Somers Isles Company is founded to administer Bermuda.

King James I of Great Britain sent Sir Thomas Roe as his ambassador to the Mughal court of Jahangir.


June 2 - First Récollet missionaries arrive at Quebec City, from Rouen, France.


The second book forming the foundation of the Rosicrucians was published anonymously, Confessio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis.


May 6 - The Peace of Tyrnau was signed between Holy Roman Emperor Matthias and Gábor Bethlen.


November - Hasekura Tsunenaga visits Pope Paul V in Rome to request a trade treaty between Japan and Mexico.


Founding of the Grolsch Brewery in Groenlo, Netherlands.


March 10 - Saint John Ogilvie, a Catholic priest, is hanged in Glasgow, Scotland.


The second volume of Miguel Cervantes' Don Quixote is published.


November - The Mughals under Abu Bakr attack Kajali, a border post of the Ahom kingdom.

§North America

§United States

1 January - The New Netherland Company is granted a 3 year monopoly in North American trade between the 40th and 45th parallels.



Persian hordes led by Shah-Abbas kill all the monks at the David Gareja monastery complex in Georgia set fire to its collection of manuscripts and works of art.



Sultan Agung conquered Wirasaba (present day Mojoagung, near Mojokerto), an operation which he personally lead.


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