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September 28 - The Earl of Essex arrives back in England, disobeying the Queen's strict orders.

First reported performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in London.

Shakespeare drafts his renowned play, Hamlet.

The Globe Theatre opens in London.

§Czech Republic

June - Tycho Brahe is offered shelter in Bohemia, where he obtains residence at the castle of Benatk√Ĺ; the castle was recently bought by the Emperor Rudolf II.

July 22 - Tycho observes a solar eclipse from Prague.


June 14 - Tycho leaves Wittenberg and moves to Bohemia.

§Great Britain

March 12 - Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, is appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland by Queen Elizabeth I of England.


April 23 - The Earl of Essex arrives in Dublin at the head of 16,000 troops, the largest army ever seen in Ireland.

May 29 - Essex takes Cahir Castle, supposedly the strongest in Ireland, after a short siege.

August 15 - First Battle of Curlew Pass won by Irish forces.


Hugo Grotius earned an appointment as advocate to The Hague


There is evidence to suggest that there were Masonic lodges in existence in Scotland as early as the late sixteenth century (for example the Lodge at Kilwinning, Scotland, has records that date to the late 1500s, and is mentioned in the Second Schaw Statutes (1599) which specified that "ye warden of ye lug of Kilwynning [...] tak tryall of ye airt of memorie and science yrof, of everie fellowe of craft and everie prenteiss according to ayr of yr vocations")


December 31 - The British East India Company sets sail for India.

§Of World Interest

January 31 - During an observation of the lunar eclipse, Tycho Brahe discovers that his predictive theory about the movement of the Moon is wrong since the eclipse started 24 minutes before his calculations predicted: he improves on his theory.



Swedish King Sigismund III Vasa is replaced by his brother Charles IX of Sweden.

§Southeast Asia

§Burma (Modern Myanmar)

Filipe de Brito e Nicote, a Portuguese warlord and mercenary known as Nga Zinka to the Burmese, led an Arakanese force which sacked Syriam and Pegu (now known as Bago), the capital of Lower Burma. The King of Arakan appointed de Brito as governor of Syriam.


Hopes of making Cambodia a Spanish dependency were dashed when the Spaniards were massacred by a contingent of Malay mercenaries.

§South Pacific


In March 1599, a fleet of eight ships under Jacob van Neck became the first Dutch fleet to reach the 'Spice Islands' of Maluku, the source of pepper, cutting out the Javanese middlemen.


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