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§Central America


June 27 - San Pedro Sula was founded by Pedro de Alvarado.

§Eastern Asia


At the Battle of Un no Kuchi, Takeda family forces defeat Hiraga Genshin.



William Tyndale was convicted of heresy and executed by strangulation, after which his body was burnt at the stake. His dying request that the King of England's eyes would be opened seemed to find its fulfillment just two years later with Henry's authorization of The Great Bible for the Church of England—which was largely Tyndale's own work. Hence, the Tyndale Bible, as it was known, continued to play a key role in spreading Reformation ideas across the English-speaking world and eventually, on the global British Empire.


In January 1536, radical Anabaptists Bockelson and some of his more prominent followers, after being tortured, were executed in the marketplace at Münster. Their dead bodies were exhibited in cages, which hung from the steeple of St. Lambert's Church; the cages still hang there, though the bones were removed later.

Martin Luther began to suffer from kidney and bladder stones, and arthritis, and an ear infection ruptured an ear drum.

§Great Britain

March - Henry VIII was courting Jane Seymour. In April and May 1536, Henry had Anne investigated for high treason: tried and found guilty, she was beheaded on 19 May. Historians view the charges against her, which included adultery and incest, as unconvincing.

May 19 - Execution of Anne Boleyn.

May 30 - Henry VIII of England marries Jane Seymour.

October 6 - William Tyndale, who’s been called the “Father of the English Bible,” was strangled and then burned at the stake. He was tried on a charge of heresy in 1536 and condemned to be burned to death, despite Thomas Cromwell's intercession on his behalf. Tyndale "was strangled to death while tied at the stake, and then his dead body was burned". His final words, spoken "at the stake with a fervent zeal, and a loud voice", were reported as "Lord! Open the King of England's eyes

October 29 - Coronation of Jane Seymour as the Queen of England.

Legal and political union of Wales and England is reinforced by An Acte for Lawes & Justice to be ministred in Wales in like fourme as it is in this Realme


Resumption of war between Francis I of France and Emperor Charles V. Francis ceases control of Savoy and captures Turin.

§Papal States

Paul III was in earnest in the matter of improving the ecclesiastical situation, and on 2 June 1536, he issued a papal bull convoking a general council to sit at Mantua in 1537. But at the very start the German Protestant estates declined to send any delegates to a council in Italy, while the duke of Mantua himself set down such large requirements that Paul III first deferred for a year and then discarded the whole project.

On 1 November 1536, Archbishop of Capua Nicholas Schönberg wrote a letter to Copernicus from Rome:

"Some years ago word reached me concerning your proficiency, of which everybody constantly spoke. At that time I began to have a very high regard for you... For I had learned that you had not merely mastered the discoveries of the ancient astronomers uncommonly well but had also formulated a new cosmology. In it you maintain that the earth moves; that the sun occupies the lowest, and thus the central, place in the universe... Therefore with the utmost earnestness I entreat you, most learned sir, unless I inconvenience you, to communicate this discovery of yours to scholars, and at the earliest possible moment to send me your writings on the sphere of the universe together with the tables and whatever else you have that is relevant to this subject ..."

Michelangelo continued working on the Last Judgement.


April 30 - Inquisition is implemented in Portugal.


In March 1536, John Calvin published the first edition of his Institutio Christianae Religionis or Institutes of the Christian Religion. The work was an apologia or defense of his faith and a statement of the doctrinal position of the reformers. He also intended it to serve as an elementary instruction book for anyone interested in the Christian religion. The book was the first expression of his theology. Calvin updated the work and published new editions throughout his life.

Shortly after its publication, he left Basel for Ferrara, Italy, where he briefly served as secretary to Princess Renée of France. By June he was back in Paris with his brother Antoine, who was resolving their father's affairs. Following the Edict of Coucy, which gave a limited six-month period for heretics to reconcile with the Catholic faith, Calvin decided that there was no future for him in France. In August he set off for Strasbourg, a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire and a refuge for reformers. Due to military manoeuvres of imperial and French forces, he was forced to make a detour to the south, bringing him to Geneva.

Calvin had only intended to stay a single night, but William Farel, a fellow French reformer residing in the city, implored Calvin to stay and assist him in reforming the church there. Calvin accepted without any preconditions on his tasks or duties. The office to which he was initially assigned is unknown. He was eventually given the title of "reader", which most likely meant that he could give expository lectures on the Bible.


Barbarossa was called back to Istanbul to take command of 200 ships in a naval attack on the Habsburg Kingdom of Naples.

§North America

Cabbage was brought from France to America in 1536 by navigator Jacques Cartier.


Reformation: Protestantism introduced in Denmark and Norway, by king Christian III.

§South America


The city of Buenos Aires was first founded as Ciudad de Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Ayre (literally "City of Our Lady of the Good Air") on February 2nd, by a Spanish gold-seeking expedition under Pedro de Mendoza. The location of Mendoza's city was in today's San Telmo district, south of the city center.


Portuguese Crown divides Brazil into fifteen donatory captaincies.


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