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Emperor Hongxi ordered the capital be moved back to Nanjing; but he died, probably of a heart attack, a month later in May. His son had been declared heir apparent and became Emperor Xuande at age 26. Although Hongxi had a short reign, he is credited with reforms that made lasting improvements, and his liberal policies were carried on by his son, Zhu Zhanji, the Xuande Emperor.

Xuande Emperor decided to keep Beijing as the capital.

His uncle Zhu Gaoxu had been a favorite of Yongle for his military successes; but he disobeyed imperial instructions and in 1417 CE was exiled to the small fief of Loan in Shandong. When Zhu Gaoxu revolted, the new emperor Xuande took 20,000 soldiers and attacked him at Loan. Zhu Gaoxu was reduced to a commoner and died from torture. Six hundred rebelling officials were executed, and 2200 were banished.



Foundation of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium


Domremy showed no signs of social breakdown, unlike most areas of France. However, the town was partially burned by a band of Anglo- Burgundians who drove off the village's cattle in 1425. This is the same year Joan of Arc's visions began.

From her trial transcript:

Afterwards she declared that at the age of thirteen she had a voice from God to help her and guide her. And the first time she was much afraid. And this voice came towards noon, in summer, in her father's garden: and the said Jeanne had [not] fasted on the preceding day. She heard the voice on her right, in the direction of the church; and she seldom heard it without a light. This light
came from the same side as the voice, and generally there was a great light. When she came to France she often heard the voice.

§Papal States

June 3 Pope Martin V issued Papal Bull, Sedas apostolica where Jews obliged to wear badge.


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