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§World Weather

Both the World's temperature and precipitation were higher than normal this year.



August 14 - Portugal conquers the city of Ceuta from the Moors, initiating the Portuguese Empire and European expansion and colonial era)


§Great Britain

July 31 - Henry V of England is informed of the Southampton Plot against him; he has the leaders arrested and executed before invading France

May 5 - the Council of Constance condemns the writings of John Wycliffe and asks Jan Hus to recant in public his heresy; after his denial, he is tried for heresy, excommunicated then sentenced to be burned at the stake


October 25 - Battle of Agincourt - Archers of Henry V of England are instrumental in defeating a massed army of French knights. Henry V took three million arrows made of ash with him which played a decisive role in the English victory.

§Papal States

Avignon Pope Benedict XIII orders all Talmuds to be delivered to diocese and held until further notice

July 4 - Pope Gregory XII officially closes the Council of Constance


The Swiss Confederation takes the territory of Aargau from the house of Habsburg.

July 6 - Jan Hus was tried for heresy at the Council of Constance and then burned at the stake in Konstanz. His case was brought up at the 1521 Diet of Worms.


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