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§World Interest

Life expectancy in the period between 1348 and 1375 was only to age 17.33 years

§World Weather

Both the World's temperature and precipitation were drastically higher this year.

§Eastern Asia


China, had by all reports. lost between one-half and two-thirds of its population to the black plague by this time.

The Mongolian run Yuan Dynasty of China is permanently weakened by an uprising.


End of the reign of Emperor Sukō, third of the Northern Ashikaga Pretenders Start of the reign of Emperor Go-Kogon of Japan, fourth of the Northern Ashikaga Pretenders


King Gongmin ascends the throne in Goryeo.


By the end of the black plague it had killed 100 million people throughout Europe from its start in 1338 CE


War of the Hooks and Cods: Edward III of England, Margaret's brother in law through her sister Philippa of Hainault, came to her aid, winning a naval engagement off Veere in 1351; a few weeks later the Hooks and their English allies were defeated by William and the Cods at Vlaardingen, an overthrow which ruined Margaret's cause.


The great landowners struggled with the shortage of manpower and the resulting inflation in labor cost. Attempting to cap wages, the king and parliament responded with the Statute of Labourers (1351)


May 1 Zürich joins the Swiss Confederation.


Firuz Tughlaq succeeds Mohammad Tughlaq as Sultan of Delhi

§Middle East


The Turks cross the Dardanelles into Europe for the first time.



First mention of Vantaa

§South Asia


The Summa Dynasty in Sindh (now part of Pakistan) overthrows the Sumra Dynasty.

§Southeast Asia


King Ramathibodi I ascends the throne in Ayutthaya (now Thailand). He begins to propagate Theravada Buddhism as the state religion.


  • Hook and Cod Wars in Holland 1350 - 1490


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