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§World Interest

Life expectancy in the period between 1348 and 1375 was only to 17.33 years

§World Weather

Both the World's temperature and precipitation were drastically higher this year.


The Black Death ravaged Europe. (1347-1351)


England invaded France

29 August - An English fleet personally commanded by King Edward III defeats a Spanish fleet in the battle of Les Espagnols sur Mer.


There was a civil war in Holland and Hainaut (which was in a personal union with Holland) in 1350 between the Hooks and the Cods. The Hooks were fighting for the Countess Margaret of Hainault, supported by England, while the Cods were fighting for Margaret's son William, who was ruling Holland in name of Margaret.

Margaret had inherited Holland after the death of her brother, count William IV, Count of Holland. She was married to emperor Louis IV of Bavaria, and resided in Bavaria. She appointed their second son William (the later count William V) as ruler of Holland, which meant that he ruled as her representative.

This year, the nobles of Holland asked Margaret to return to Holland. As a reaction, the Cod league was formed in May 23, 1350 by a number of supporters of William. On September 5 of the same year, the Hook league was formed. Soon afterward, these factions clashed, and a civil war began.


The Black Death first appears in Scotland.


By the winter of this year, the plague had crossed the North Atlantic from the Faeroe Islands on through Iceland and reached Greenland. It may have killed 60 percent of the settlers of Iceland, and the plague was probably the single most important factor in the final extinction of the struggling Viking colony in Greenland.

§South Pacific

Hayam Wuruk became the ruler of the Majapahit Empire, an Indianized kingdom based in eastern Java from 1293 to around 1500. Its greatest ruler was Hayam Wuruk, whose reign from 1350 to 1389 marked the empire's peak when it dominated other kingdoms in the southern Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, Bali, and the Philippines.


  • Hook and Cod Wars 1350 - 1490


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