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§World Interest

Life expectancy in the period between 1348 and 1375 was only to 17.33 years

§World Weather

Both the World's temperature and precipitation were drastically higher this year.



To upgrade the fighting skill of the peasantry, King Edward III of England banned all sports in his country save one, archery.

Because of the Black Death, the great landowners struggled with the shortage of manpower and the resulting inflation in labor cost. Attempting to cap wages, the king and parliament responded with the Ordinance of Labourers (1349).


Fouage is levied in France. In the 1340s especially, the King of France's personal expenditure on dowries, gratuities, the upkeep of the palace, his travels and his wardrobe, consumed the entirety of the royal income. The fouage was assessed on the basis of households and was usually paid by towns in a pre-arranged lump sum raised in any manner the locality chose to employ. It existed in certain French provinces, and became widespread in the 14th century when the royal finances were unable to bear the rising costs of war and state agents.

February 14 - Roughly 2,000 Jews are burned to death in Strasbourg. In 1349, Jews of Alsace were accused of poisoning the wells with Plague (disease). On February 14th, Saint Valentine's day, thousands of Jews were massacred during the Strasbourg pogrom. Jews were subsequently forbidden to settle in the town and were reminded every evening at 10 o'clock by a Cathedral bell and a municipal herald blowing the "Grüselhorn" to leave. Alsatian Jews then settled in the neighbouring villages and small towns, where many of them became cloth merchants ("Schmatteshendler") or cattle merchants ("Behemeshendler").


Charles IV was crowned king in Aachen. He wore the crown containing the imperial crown jewels at his coronation. After the ceremony Charles presented the crown to the Church.


May - Black Death ceases in Ireland

§Papal States

October 20 - Pope Clement VI publishes a papal bull that condemns the Flagellants.


August 24 - Black Death outbreak in Elbing (modern-day Elbląg in Poland).


January 9 - The Jewish population of Basel, Switzerland is rounded up and incinerated, believed by the residents to be the cause of the ongoing bubonic plague.



The Black Death is spread to Norway when an English ship with everyone dead on board floats to Bergen. The Black Death comes to Tønsberg.


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