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§Of World Interest

Estimation: Hangzhou in Mongolian China becomes the largest city of the world, taking the lead from Cairo, capital of Mamluk Egypt.

Life expectancy in the period between 1348 and 1375 was only to 17.33 years

§World Weather

Both temperatures and precipitation were higher than normal.



Black Death in Cairo.

§Eastern Asia


End of the reign of Emperor Komyo of Japan, second of the Northern Ashikaga Pretenders

Start of the reign of Emperor SukĊ, third of the Northern Ashikaga Pretenders


Beginning of Black Death epidemic in central and western Europe

§Czech Republic

April 7 - Charles University is founded in Prague.


The Black Death struck Europe with full force in May, killing a third or more of England's population. This loss of manpower meant a halt to major campaigning. The great landowners struggled with the shortage of manpower and the resulting inflation in labor cost.

Edward finally decided in May 1348 not to run for the German crown.

June 24 - Black Death outbreak in full swing in Melcombe Regis (modern-day Weymouth, Dorset in England)

Edward III of England creates the first English order of chivalry, the Order of the Garter

Gonville Hall, the forerunner of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge was founded.


Pope Clement VI defended the Jews when the Black Death appeared at Avignon in 1348/9.


Plague struck Brindisi, Italy. It begins wiping out the population of Rome which declines from a million people at the height of the empire to only 20,000 by 1400 CE.

§Papal States

July 6 - Papal bull of Pope Clement VI protecting Jews against popular aggression during the Black Death epidemic.


Pskov gains independence from the Novgorod Republic with the treaty of Bolotovo; Pskov Republic formed.


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