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§Roman Empire

Hadrian visits the Roman province of North Africa in order to inspect the troops stationed there.

Hadrian begins his inspection of the provinces of Greece, Asia Minor and EgyptIn September 128 Hadrian again attended the Eleusinian mysteries. This time his visit to Greece seems to have concentrated on Athens and Sparta — the two ancient rivals for dominance of Greece. Hadrian had played with the idea of focusing his Greek revival round Amphictyonic League based in Delphi but he by now had decided on something far grander. His new Panhellenion was going to be a council that would bring together Greek cities wherever they might be found. The meeting place was to be the new temple to Zeus in Athens. Having set in motion the preparations — deciding whose claim to be a Greek city was genuine would in itself take time — Hadrian set off for Ephesus. Antinous, Hadrian's 17 year-old male lover, had become the favorite of Hadrian by 128, when he was taken on a tour of the Empire as part of Hadrian's personal retinue.


Work continued on the building of Hadrian's wall in Northern Britain.



King Gaeru of Baekje succeeds to the throne of Baekje in the Korean peninsula.

§Arts and Sciences

  • The fossils of large prehistoric animals are discovered in Dalmatia.
  • Pantheon, Rome is finished.


  • King Giru of Baekje


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