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§Eastern Asia


Dogen Zenji establishes the Eiheiji temple in Japan, in doing so founding the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism.

June: Yoritsune is forced (under Imperial order, which is forced by Hōjō demands) to abdicate. He is replaces as Shōgun by his infant son, Yoritsugu. Yoritsugu is promptly married to a sister of Tsunetoki.



Surrender of the Cathars of Montségur after a nine month siege


The story of a teenage soldier named Laurentius Loricatus, who accidentally killed a man was written on a lengthy scroll applying for his sainthood.


James I of Aragon reconquers Altea, Spain.


Impia judeorum perfidia Papal Bull by Innocent IV, which was a call to burn the Talmud.

§Middle East


Sultan Malik al-Muattam razes the city walls of Jerusalem.


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