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§Eastern Asia


By using data from tree rings of Siberian pines, researchers found an unusually warm and wet period between 1211 CE and 1225 CE, corresponding with Genghis Khan's horse-driven invasion. The Mongol Empire eventually spanned from what is today Korea to eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The Emperor of Jin China surrenders to the Mongols under Ghengis Khan who have been besieging Beijing for a year. He pays a huge ransom and then abandons Northern China, heading for Kaifeng.



Simon Apulia becomes Bishop of Exeter.

June 20 - University of Oxford receives its charter.


July 27 - Battle of Bouvines: In France, Philip II of France defeats John of England.

Saint Dominic established a religious community in Toulouse in 1214, to be governed by the rule of St. Augustine and statutes to govern the life of the friars, including the Primitive Constitution. (The statutes were inspired by the Constitutions of Prémontré.) The founding documents establish that the Order was founded for two purposes: preaching and the salvation of souls.


Foundation of the German city of Bielefeld.


About this time Pope Innocent III issued Sicut manifestum granting the Privilege of Holy Poverty to St. Clare.


5th Crusade in the Holy Land


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