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§Of World Interest

Sea levels rose significantly about this time. The climate changed from the Younger Dryas which began 12,900 years ago and moved back into a warm-and-wet climate regime about 11,600 years ago.

Oldest known cancer line dates to about 11,000 years ago. Canine transmissible venereal tumor (CTVT) is one of only two known diseases in which cancerous cells from one animal infect another. The first animal was a dog. The original dog was likely medium to large in size. It showed genetic similarity to an Alaskan malamute or husky, and carried a mix of genetic variations associated with the domestication of dogs. Because one of the dog's two sex chromosomes had disappeared in the cancerous cells, it was unclear whether this dog was male or female, and researchers have yet to determine in what part of the world it lived.

§Middle East


Figs trees may have been domesticated. Dried figs found in the lower Jordan Valley in Israel (2006) have been dated to about 11,400 BCE. They are a variety that is sterile, so the people may have learned to cultivate new trees by planting shoots.



Evidence of a Stone-Age settlement that may have been swallowed whole by the Baltic Sea has resurfaced near Sweden, revealing a collection of well preserved artifacts left by nomads some 11,000 years ago. Buried 52 feet below the surface at Hanö, a sandy bay off the coast of Skane County in Sweden, the items include wood pieces, flint tools, animal horns, ropes, a harpoon carving made from an animal bone and the bones of an aurochs and an ancient cattle which became extinct in the early 1600s.

§Southeast Asia

A study of rainforest vegetation on mainland Southeast Asia and three heavily forested islands there has revealed that humans have been shaping the forests for the last 11,000 years.

§South America


Humans reach Argentina about this time.


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