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§Of World Interest

First recorded use of Algebraic chess notation

§Eastern asia


End of Qiandao era and start of Chunxi era of the Chinese emperor Xiaozong



Canonization of Saint Thomas à Becket, buried at Canterbury

Eleanor of Aquitaine and her sons rebel against her husband Henry II of England in the Revolt of 1173-1174

May 1 - Richard of Ilchester is elected as Bishop of Winchester.


Conversion to Christianity of Peter Waldo and the subsequent founding of the Waldensians.


August 9 - Construction starts on the Tower of Pisa. The Tower of Pisa was a work of art, performed in three stages over a period of about 177 years. Construction of the first floor of the white marble campanile began on August 9, 1173, a period of military success and prosperity. This first floor is a blind arcade articulated by engaged columns with classical Corinthian capitals.


End of reign of Polish ruler Boleslaus IV of Poland and start of reign of Casimir II of Poland

§Wales (Great Britain)

Castle at Abergavenny was seized by the Welsh.

§Middle East


The Ghuzz Turks were defeated at Ghazna.


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