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Middle Dutch begins to be spoken in what is now Benelux

The Knights Templar had grown into something akin to a multinational corporation. They pioneered international banking. They were incredibly wealthy holding vast tracts of land and fortresses. They were untaxed and answerable only to the Vatican.


Mersey Ferry begins running between Liverpool and Birkenhead

Castle Rising built in Norfolk, England by William d'Aubigny, 1st Earl of Arundel

Christchurch Priory founded


University of Paris, now known as the Sorbonne, founded


Albrecht the Bear inhabits Brandenburg

Neuruppin city founded in Brandenburg, Germany

Rinteln city founed in Lower Saxony, Germany

§Great Britain

Earl of Bedford created


Tuam is promoted to a Metropolitan Archdiocese, Ireland

Christian Malone writes Irish Chronology "Chronicum Scotorum".


Cubbie Roo's Castle built on Wyre, Orkney


City of Airdrie, Scotland founded

Peter the Lombard publishes Sentences

Bishopric of Aberdeen established


Garcia IV Ramirez ends reign as King of Navarre

§Middle East


During Crusades, city of Ashkelon fortified with 53 towers by Fatimid rulers


Earliest textual reference made to Gypsies working as musicians (in Constantinople)



Ă…hus, Sweden gains city privileges

King Sverker I of Sweden is deposed and succeeded by Eric IX of Sweden

§Southeast Asia


Atom Yoiremba became king.

§Khmer (modern Cambodia)

Suryavarman II died while fighting his former ally, the Kingdom of Champa. Source differ on who succeeded him. One source says that he was succeeded by Dharanindravarman II who ruled until 1160 CE and that his son Jayavarman VII became king in 1181 CE. The other source says that he was succeeded by Yasovarman II as King of Angkor about this time and that he ruled until 1165 CE.


Civil war in England and Normandy between 1135 and 1153, which resulted in a widespread breakdown in law and order known as the Anarchy.


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