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§Central Asia

September 9 - The Khtians won the Battle of Qatwan against the Western Kara-Khanids and the Seljuk Empire, which allowed the Khitans to gain control over Transoxania.

§Eastern Asia


November - Jin Dynasty and Southern Song Dynasty signed the Treaty of Shaoxing and peace lasted for the next twenty years.



February 2 - Battle of Lincoln. Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester and Empress Matilda wrest control of the English throne, from King Stephen. King Stephen and his knights were rapidly surrounded by the Angevin force.

Then might you have seen a dreadful aspect of battle, on every quarter around the king's troop fire flashing from the meeting of swords and helmets – a dreadful crash, a terrific clamour – at which the hills re-echoed, the city walls resounded. With horses spurred on, they charged the king's troop, slew some, wounded others, and dragging some away, made them prisoners.
No rest, no breathing time was granted them, except in the quarter where stood that most valiant king, as the foe dreaded the incomparable force of his blows. The earl of Chester, on perceiving this, envying the king his glory, rushed upon him with all the weight of his armed men. Then was seen the might of the king, equal to a thunderbolt, slaying some with his immense battle-axe, and striking others down.
Then arose the shouts afresh, all rushing against him and him against all. At length through the number of the blows, the king's battle-axe was broken asunder. Instantly, with his right hand, drawing his sword, well worthy of a king, he marvellously waged the combat, until the sword as well was broken asunder.
On seeing this William Kahamnes [i.e. William de Keynes], a most powerful knight, rushed upon the king, and seizing him by the helmet, cried with a loud voice, "Hither, all of you come hither! I have taken the king!"


Italian winemaking company Ricasoli was founded


First arrivals of German colonists (the future Transylvanian Saxon community) in Transylvania, following grants by Andrew II of Hungary. The colonization process would be completed in 1162.


Civil war in England and Normandy between 1135 and 1153, which resulted in a widespread breakdown in law and order known as the Anarchy.


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