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§Of World Interest

A comet was spotted and mentioned in Medieval English Manuscripts.



Khabul invited by Taizong of Jin and he pulled the beard of the Taizong at the court of the Jin. Although, the Jin army pursued him into southern Mongolia, Khabul escaped and returned with a larger army to pillage Jin Dynasty.



January - Byland Abbey founded

The domination of Baghdad by the Seljuk Turks ends

The Cistercian Abbey of St Mary and St Chad founded by Roger de Clinton, bishop of Coventry (1129-48)

Matilda and Geoffrey suspected that they lacked genuine support in England, and proposed to Henry in 1135 that the king should hand over the royal castles in Normandy to Matilda whilst he was still alive and insist on the Norman nobility swearing immediate allegiance to her, thereby giving the couple a much more powerful position after Henry's death. King Henry angrily declined to do so, probably out of a concern that Geoffrey would try to seize power in Normandy somewhat earlier than intended. A fresh rebellion broke out in southern Normandy, and Geoffrey and Matilda intervened militarily on behalf of the rebels. In the middle of this confrontation, Henry unexpectedly fell ill and died near Lyons-la-Foret, died, supposedly from indigestion caused by eating moray eel.

After Henry's death, the English throne was taken not by his daughter Matilda, but by Stephen of Blois, ultimately resulting in civil war.

David I of Scotland, brother of Henry I's first queen and maternal uncle of Matilda, invaded the north on the news of Henry's death, taking Carlisle, Newcastle and other key strongholds.[33] Northern England was a disputed territory at this time, with the Scottish kings laying a traditional claim to Cumberland, and David also claiming Northumbria by virtue of his marriage to the daughter of the former Anglo-Saxon earl Waltheof. Stephen rapidly marched north with an army and met David at Durham. An agreement was made under which David would return most of the territory he had taken, with the exception of Carlisle. In return, Stephen confirmed David's son Prince Henry's possessions in England, including the Earldom of Huntingdon.


March 30 - Moshe ben Maimon was born in Cordoba during what some scholars consider to be the end of the golden age of Jewish culture in Spain, after the first centuries of the Moorish rule.

§Middle East


The domination of Baghdad by the Seljuk Turks ends


  • Maimonides - Torah Scholar


Civil war in England and Normandy between 1135 and 1153, which resulted in a widespread breakdown in law and order known as the Anarchy.


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