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Yel├╝ Dashi proclaimed himself emperor in 1131, after which he moved further west into modern Kazakhstan and then occupied the Karakhanid city of Balasaghun (in modern Kyrgyzstan).



Henry attempted to build up a base of political support for Matilda in both England and Normandy, demanding that his court take oaths to recognise Matilda as his immediate successor and recognise her descendants as the rightful ruler after her.


Alberich becomes Archdeacon of Reims.

§Wales (Great Britain)

May 9 - Tintern Abbey is founded.


Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona, known for effecting the union between Aragon and Catalonia in 1137, inherited the county of Barcelona from his father Ramon Berenguer III on August 19th.

§Middle East

Fulk of Anjou and Melisende become King and Queen of Jerusalem.


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