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Khabul Khan, the first known Khan of the Khamag Mongol confederation and great-grandfather to Genghis Khan began his reign.



King Louis VI convened a national council of the French bishops at √Čtampes, and Bernard, summoned there by consent of the bishops, was chosen to judge between the rival popes. He decided in favour of Innocent II. This caused the pope to be recognized by all the great powers. He then went with him into Italy and reconciled Pisa with Genoa, and Milan with the pope. The same year Bernard was again at the Council of Reims at the side of Innocent II. He then went to Aquitaine where he succeeded for the time in detaching William X of Aquitaine, Count of Poitiers, from the cause of Anacletus


February 14 - On the death of Pope Honorius II, a schism broke out in the Church by the election of two popes, Pope Innocent II and Pope Anacletus II. Innocent II, having been banished from Rome by Anacletus, took refuge in France. Roger II of Sicily supports Anacletus II as pope instead of Innocent II. Innocent flees to France and Anacletus crowns Roger King.

§Papal States

Gregorio de' Papareschi was elected as Pope Innocent II.

§North America

§Chaco Canyon New Mexico

This is the approximate time of the end of the culture at Pueblo Bonito. According to DNA research on inidividuals found buried there it appears that the culture practiced matrilineal inheritance. The culture there existed from about 800CE to about 1130CE.



Magnus the Blind and Harald Gille become joint kings of Norway. Start of the civil war era in Norway.


Magnus I of Gothenland is dethroned and succeeded as King of Sweden by Sverker the elder.


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