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The Mahdia campaign

§Eastern Asia


End of the formal reign of Emperor Shirakawa, but not of his cloistered rule

Emperor Horikawa ascends to the throne of Japan


The relics of Saint Nikolaos are stolen from Myra ( Turkey ) and are placed in the Basilica of St. Nicola, in Bari, Italy. So, because of this theft he is known in places as Saint Nikolaos of Bari.


King William died after his horse reared up during a 1087 battle, throwing the king against his saddle pommel so forcefully that his intestines ruptured. An infection set in that killed the king several weeks later.

"The Conqueror died early in the morning of 9 SeptemĀ­ber 1087, reportedly commending his soul to Saint Mary as the great bell of Rouen Cathedral tolled the hour of prime (6 a.m.), His departure triggered immediate panic across Normandy, for Robert Curthose was still in exile, and the king's other sons had already rushed off to claim their own inheritances. With no one present to take up the reins of power, the great men who had been at William's bedside rode off to protect their own property, leaving the lesser members of his household to loot the royal lodgings. When the monks and clergy of Rouen eventually arrived at St Gervase to prepare for the funeral, they found the king's body lying abandoned and half naked on the floor.

"From Rouen William's corpse was shipped to Caen for burial, where it suffered further indignities. In a scene reminiscent of the king's coronation, the crowd of mournĀ­ers who came to meet the boat dispersed when a fire broke out and destroyed much of the town, leaving only the monks to escort the bier to St Etienne. During the service itself the congregation was asked to forgive their dead duke if he had done them any wrong, at which a local man interrupted to complain that the abbey had been built on the site of his father's house. As priests tried to stuff William into a stone coffin that proved too small for his bulk, they pushed on his abdomen, causing it to burst. Mourners at the funeral supposedly ran for the door to escape the putrid stench.

September 9 - William II becomes king of England


The French King urged his people to offer support to the Christians in Spain against the Moors. Several of his led companies across the Pyrenees to fight. These same companies would later participate in the first crusade.


May 9 - The remains of Saint Nicholas were brought to Bari, Italy.

§Papal States

May 9 - Pope Victor III formally accepts elevation as the 158th pope. He then died in September of this year. His successor would take an additional 6 months into 1088 CE to be consecrated due to heavy in-fighting.


September 13 - John II Comnenus, Byzantine Emperor (d. 1143)


September 9 - King William I of England

September 16 - Pope Victor III


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